If you are flipping property in the GTA there are some projects you can do that will improve your chances of getting top dollar. One of the best investments you can make on an investment property is installing a high quality drainage system. You will need to find the best Toronto drain installation professionals but before you start sourcing for them it’s important you understand the need for the drainage system.

Benefits of Having a Drainage System Installed on Your Property

Reduces the risk of flooding

During the SPRING and summer the GTA experiences substantial rainfall and those trends are going to continue with Global Warming. Individuals who want to protect their basement from flooding will need to properly install drainage systems if they want to direct the excess water away from their property.

Helps You Save Money on Property Insurance

Since the property has a professionally installed drainage system the risk of having the property flood is greatly mitigated. The insurance company will reduce your premium because the risk of flooding is reduced so their exposure is also reduced.

Added Feature to Increase Perceived Property Value

When pitching the property to a prospective buyer the Realtor can mention the property has a professionally installed drainage system which increases the property value.

Reasons to Have the Drainage System Professionally Installed

There are individuals who love to do it themselves but this is a project intended for professionals. If you attempted to install the drainage system on your own there is a huge risk of making a mistake. A drainage system that is not properly installed could lead to flooding so leave it to the professionals.

Identifying the Best Toronto Drain Installation Professionals

Toronto drain installation

What you need to do is list all of the contractors in the GTA that offer drain installation services. When you have their names you can start revising the list of candidates by assessing each prospective contractor using the following criterion.

·    Is the contractor insured and licensed to install drains in Ontario? This is a simple “yes” or “no” question. You should be able to find those details posted somewhere on the contractors website so if you cannot find it remove the contractor from your list of candidates.

·    Does the firm offer free quotes/estimates? There are some firms who will charge you so they can prepare a quote! If you come across a firm that doesn’t provide free estimates you can drop them from your list.

·    Does the firm offer warranties on both the drainage materials and work being performed? There should be warranty details on the contractors website but get them in writing as well so you have something solid you can refer to in the event the drainage system doesn’t function properly.

If the contractor has made it through these items the last thing you will need to do is compile quotes from them to find out what the job will cost. You want to keep the cost of installing the drainage system as low as possible so you can maximize your profits when you flip the property.